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"O.T.. Jackson of 'The Resort' stole a march on his many friends by going to Denver last Wednesday, where he was united in marriage to Minerva J. matlock at 11 o'clock at the home of her sister, returning to Boulder the following day. A party of twenty of their friends took them by sprise last ementing but they were equal to the occasion, and the resort was at their disposal, where dancing, refreshments and general good time was in order until morning." 
Family: F1
Application For License to Marry

I Squire Brockman desiring to procure License to marry Miss Melisa Whitney do hereby certify that I am over twenty-one years of age, and that said Miss Melissa Whitney is over eighteen years of age
Given under my hand this 14th day of Sept. ad 1899
witness: John Kelly
signed Squire Brockman

Marriage License
No 514
certification of marriage on 20 Sep 1899 in St. Joseph Missouri
signed by Rev. J. W. Jones
filed for record 6th Nov 1899 
Family: F7
Record Type: Court Case
Name: Brockman, Squire
County: Weld
Year: 1938 Month: Day:
Other Party: Brockman, Jennie Mae
Case Number: 7699
Instrument Type: Divorce
Court: Co. 
Family: F9
Record Type: Court Case
County: Denver
Year: 1908 Month: Day:
Case Number: 42914
Instrument Type: Divorce
Court: Dist.Div 4 
Family: F14
Squire Brockman, colored, of Masters, filed suit against Jonney Mae Brockman, seeking divorce on grounds of desertion. They were married in Fort Morgan in 1931.
John C. Nixon is attorney ... 
Family: F9
6 abt 1890: There is currently no real evidence of this marriage; Lloyd Flint is most certainly the son of Birdie (see his notes) and therefore this union is recorded here. Family: F7
7 Colorado Marriages CD p 842, comp Denver Public Library
Bailey, Berdie Flint and Swert, Gerrie m 22 Apr 1894, Delta County Lic # 216
(if this is Birdie...why was she in Delta Co?????) 
Family: F8
8 Ella Bailey diary:
Wed June 23:
"Mr. Bailey gone to hunt some of his cattle. Gone over the river. Just one year ago today since we were married."

(wonder if he forgot their first anniversary?!)

Marriage Records of Johnson County, Missouri...access

James L. Bailey
Mary Ella Jackson
23 June 1868

(I have not seen the actual records so James' middle initial remains problematic for this source) 
Family: F1
9 IL Statewide Marriage Index:
00A/0108 00000972 CRAWFORD 
Family: F10
10 License # 36040 as found in Colorado Marriages, 1858-1939 (CD pub CGS) Family: F1
11 license # 7866 (Colorado Marriages CD, produced by CGS) Family: F2
12 marriage information is unconfirmed at this time. It is included here because of the unusual nature of first names, date and place align with other information about this family. Family: F3
13 Missouri Marriages,1851-1900, database online,
Marriage Date: 5 Mar 1868
County: Johnson
State: MO
marriage date calculated from 1910 census: married 41 yrs. 
Family: F11
14 Unconfirmed but probable for Thomas and Catherine

Denver, Colorado, (CD compiled by the Colorado Genealogical Society); Colorado Marriages 1858-1939.

Bailey, Thomas H. and Bryant, Catherine 16 Feb 1914 Denver County lic # 58927

unable to find a record of divorce for this couple
unable to find a record of death for Catherine 
Family: F26
Funeral Services for Mrs. Laura M. Osborne, above, of 324 14th St., will be held at 3:30 pm Tuesday from the Macy Allnutt Drawing Room. Interment will be in Linn Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Osborne died Friday at the Greeley Nursing Home, two days after her 80th birthday. She was the wife of George F. Osborne. She had lived in Greeley since 1925. Also surviving are a son, Warren Huerd, and a daughter, Beatrice Huerd, both of Denver, and three stepsons, Cornkling Osborne of Greeley, George Osborne of Clarksdale, Miss., and Phil Osborne of Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Laura M. -?-
Osborne, George F, head, renting, farm, neg, 51, married at age 23, b MS, fb AL, mb AL, farmer, general farm, schedule #5
...Laura, wife, neg, 44, married at age 18, b TX, fb TN, mb TN
...Heart, Warren, stepson, neg, 23, b TX, fb MS, mb TX, laborer, farm
Lisenby, Mike, adopted son, neg, 15, b OK, fb OK, mb OK, 
Laura M. -?-
Pct 23
Osborne, George F., head, renting, 38, married, b MS, fb AL, mb AL, laborer, farm
...Laura, wife, f, 32, married, b TX, fb GA, mb GA 
Laura M. -?-
18 Mrs. Laura Osborne, 324 14th St., died Friday morning at the Greeley Nursing Home She was the wife of George F. Osborne, and had lived in Greeley since 1925.
She was born in Kelton, Tex., June 22, 1886, and was married to George Osborne at Muskogee, Okla., in March, 1906. They lived iin Deer Trail (sic) until they came to Greeley.
Mrs. Osborne was a member of All Nations Pentecostal Church.
Surviving in addition to her husband, George Osborne, are a son, Warren Huerd, and a daughter, Beatrice Huerd, both of Denver; and three stepsons, Cornkling Osborne of Clarksdale, Miss., and Phil Osborne of Cheyenne, Wyo.
Funeral Arrangements will be announced by the Macy Allnutt 
Laura M. -?-

McGee, Hugh W., head, owns home, has radio, lives on farm, 56, married at age 22. b CO, fb MO, mb IL, rancher, general ranch
...Clara, wife, 54, married at age 20, b PA, mb PA, fb PAA,
...Howard, son, 20, b WY, fb CO, mb PA, farm laborer, general ranch 
Mary Clara -?-
McGee, Hugh W., head, 36, m1, 14 yrs, b CO, fbMO, mb IL, farmer
*...Mary C., 34, m1, 14 yrs, mother of 1, 1 living, b PA, fb PA, mb PA
...Thomas, son, 1/12, b WY 
Mary Clara -?-
McGee, Hugh W., head, Jul 1873, 26, married 4 yrs, b CO, fb MO, mb IL, ranchman, owns, free, farm
*...Clara M, wife, b Jul 1875, 24, married 4, mother of 0, b PA, mb PA, fb PA, mb PA
Hosack, Eva V., sister-in-law, b Oct 1880, 19, single, b PA, fb PA, mb PA, teaching school 
Mary Clara -?-
22 (Research):Clara's maiden name most likely Hosack.
Eva Hosack is listed as sister in law to Hugh on 1900 census 
Mary Clara -?-
(in John Klug HH)
*Swindt, Birdie, b Sep 1870, widow, mother of 4, 4 living, b CO, fb KY, mb IL, ranch cook
...David, son, b Nov 1894, 5, CO, fb MO, mb CO
...Gracie, daughter, b Nov 1896, 3,CO, fb MO, mb CO
...Fonda, daughter, b Jan 1898, 2, b CO, fb MO, mb CO 
Birdie Alma Bailey
*Bailey, Jas M. 48, farmer, b KY, fb SC, mb KY
...Ella, 33, wife, keeps house, b IL, fb KY, mb PA
*...Birdie A., 9, daughter, attends school, b CO
...Emma O, 7, daughter, attends school
Soper, Wm S, 40, servant, works on farm, b England, fb England, mb England
Clear, Anson L, 30, works on farm, b VA
Fragins, Marion, 22, sheep herder, b England, fb Ireland, mb Ireland 
Birdie Alma Bailey
Obituary: Wyoming State Tribune, 23 May 1919, Friday (research of A. Monk)
"Mrs. Birdie Alma Duissar, wife of A.B. Duissar, died at the family home at 306 East Twentieth street yesterday afternoon after an illness of three years. Mrs. Duissar had lived in this city for nine years and had been ill for three years. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
Besides her husband she is survived by two daughters, Grace and Founda, and two sons, Lloyd Flint of Torrington and David S. Swendt, who is now in the navy." 
Birdie Alma Bailey
West 18th St. (appears to be apartments or boarding house)
Dussair, Arthur, head, 32m married 2X, b MO, fb Ger, mb MO, salesman, grocery store
*....Berdie, 39, married 2X, mother of 4, 4 living, b CO, fb KY, mb IL
....Loyd F, son, 18, b CO, fb MO, mb CO, farmer, general farm
...David S, son, 15, B CO, fb MO, mb CO
...Grace, daughter, 13, b CO, fb MO, mb CO
...Fonda, son, 12, b CO, fb MO, mb CO
[note: Lloyd FLINT, David, Grace and Fonda SWENDT; they are not the children of Arthur] 
Birdie Alma Bailey
27 (Research):
1910 Census:
I have to wonder who was actually living in this hh. Lloyd, David, Grace and Fonda are all listed as living with Birdie and Arthur in Cheyenne but
Grace and Fonda are also enumerated with Ella in Greeley.
David is very likely in Nebraska since he is enumerated there with the Morgan hh. Lula Morgan in the Nebraska census is very likely Lula McGee and the daughter of Delia Jackson McGee. Lula would be a first cousin to David's mother, and a first cousin once removed to David.
-L. Peters

Fonda is listed as male on this census, female on all others. 
Birdie Alma Bailey
28 Arliss Monk: "Birdie Bailey, eldest daughter of James M. and Mary Ellen ( Jackson) Bailey, presents a few problems in the public records where she is found. It is quite certain that she was the mother of four children named Lloyd, David, Grace and Fonda. Two marriages are evident, though there is a possibility there were four."

"She is first found in Weld County in the 1880 census with her parents and one sister. The only record located before the 1900 census is of a marriage, Birdie Flint Bailey or Birdie Bailey Flint to Gerrie Swendt in Delta County, Colorado, about April 1894. Nothing further was learned of Gerrie, But a Gary Swendt is in the same neighborhood of others in Bellingham, WA in the 1990s."

"It is possible that Birdie married a man named Flint if Lloyd is actually her son, and the father may be related to Birdie's brother-in-law, Edward Flint. Much information may be located in Laramie County WY where Birdie was last known living and where her daughters may have married." (June 2008)

another possible marriage:
Swindt, Berda m George Boling in Weld County 1907 
Birdie Alma Bailey
29 Death Certificate file # 1919, Registered # 0825; State of Wyoming Bureau of Vital Statistics.
Birdie Alma Dussair
306 E. 20 St.
dob 15 Sep 1870, Colorado
father James M. Bailey, b KY
mother Mara Ella Jackson, b IL
dod 22 May 1919; Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming,
informant: A. B. Dussair
burial Odd Fellow's Cemetery 25 May 1919
cod: chronic Intestitial Nephritis
contributory: diabetes mellitus 
Birdie Alma Bailey
30 IOOF Cemetery
Section 5
Lot 98 
Birdie Alma Bailey

1930, WY, Goshen Co, Town of Torrington
James, Fred S., head, owns home 3600, has radio, 62, age at first marriage 19, b IL, fb OH, mb OH, broker, potatoe
---Emma O, 57, age at first marriage 20, b CO, fb KY, mb IL 
Emma O. Bailey
831 4th St
*Flint, Emma Mrs, head, 38 widow, b CO, fb Ky, mb IL, Sales Lady, outfitting Co, owns free and clear, house
*Bailey, Mary E, mother, 63, widow, b IL, fb KY, mb PA, housekeeper
(Swindt) Grace D, niece, 13, b CO, fb CO, mb Am Cit (American Citizen?)
(Swindt) Faunda L, niece, 11, b CO, fb CO, mb Am Cit 
Emma O. Bailey
*Bailey, Jas M. 48, farmer, b KY, fb SC, mb KY
...Ella, 33, wife, keeps house, b IL, fb KY, mb PA
...Birdie A., 9, daughter, attends school, b CO
*...Emma O, 7, daughter, attends school
Soper, Wm S, 40, servant, works on farm, b England, fb England, mb England
Clear, Anson L, 30, works on farm, b VA
Fragins, Marion, 22, sheep herder, b England, fb Ireland, mb Ireland 
Emma O. Bailey
34 1221 6th St,
Flint, Edward, b Nov 1870, 29, married 7 yrs, b OH, fb NH, mb Canada
...Emma O, wife, b Oct 1872, 27, married 7 yrs, mother of 0, living 0, b CO, fb KY, mb IL 
Emma O. Bailey
35 Greeley Tribune 29 Jul 1897 (access
"Wednesday evening of last week Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Flint of this city, with Miss Grace Bailey and Fred Flint of Evans returned to Greeley after a pleasant two weeks' stay in Estes park. Mrs. Flint and Miss Bailey are sisters, while Messars E G and Fred are brothers."

Greeley Tribune 24 Mar 1933
19 Years Ago March 24, 1914
Mrs. Emma Flint entertained at a delicious turkey dinner Sunday at her home at 831 Fourth street. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. James T. Romans and Mr. and Mrs Charles Gardner and families of Kersey and Mrs and Mrs Fred Jones of Greeley. The dinner with all the trimmings was thoroughly enjoyed by all and a happy afternoon was spent visiting.

Greeley Tribune 12 Sep 1933
19 years ago 12 Sep 1914
An auto party including Mr and Mrs A.L. Keltnor, Mr and Mrs Walter Mosher and Miss Emma Flint is making a trip to the mountains. They will spend several days in Pourdre canyon. (possible error "Miss" instead of "Mrs" Emma Flint?)

Greeley Tribune 3 Sep 1931 p 4
Mr and Mrs. Fred James of Torrington, Wyo., Mr and Mrs. C.F. Gardner and son of Gilcrest were entertained at dinner Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Romans.

Have not located Emma in 1920 
Emma O. Bailey
36 Linn Grove Cemetery
block 8
lot 130
space 003 
Emma O. Bailey

Greeley Tribune p 1
Mrs. Grace Romans, 53 years old, wife of James P. Romans, farmer living southeast of Ault, died at the Greeley hospital late Saturday night.
Mrs. Romans was the daughter of James Bailey, who came to Fort Latham east of Greeley, in 1868 and was born in a ranch house on the site of Fort Latham which was an important stage station of the famous Overland trial.(sic)
Mrs Romans is survived by her husband and by three sons: Merrill Romans of Eaton, Jerry of Mason City, Wash., and Robert, a student at the University of Colorado, Jerry Romans will arrive in Greeley Tuesday morning. Funeral arrangemants are awaiting his arrival. A sister, Mrs. Fred James, lives at Torrington, Wyo.
Funeral service will be held in the drawing room of Macy's Mortuary at 10: 30 o'clock Wednesday morning, interment is to be in Linn Grove. 
Grace Bailey
1920 Census, Kersey, CO
Romans, James P, renting, 42, bMO, fb MO, mb MO, farmer, farming
*...Grace G, 32, b CO, fb KY, mb IL
...Merrill R, son, 17, b CO
...Jerry B, 7, B CO
...James R. 3 5/12, b CO 
Grace Bailey
Bailey, Mary E, head, 40, b Feb 1860, 40, widow, mother of 2, 2 living, b IL, fb IL, mb KY, owns, free and clear, house
*----Grace G., daughter, 18 b Feb 1882, b CO, fb KY, mb IL, at school
Flint, Lloyd, grandson, 7, b Aug 1892, b CO, fb OH, mb CO, at school (son of Birdie, not Emma) 
Grace Bailey
River Road
Romans, James P, 32, m1 8 yrs, b Mo, fb MO, mb MO, Farmer, general farm, renting farm.
*...Grace G, 28, m1 8 yrs, mother of 1, 1 living, b CO, fb KY, mb Il
...Merill R, son, 7, b CO
Howell, Arthur B. hired man, 21 b OH
Hendricks, Earl B. hired man 23, b MO 
Grace Bailey
41 Block G
Lot 9
Space 009 
Grace Bailey
42 Greeley Tribune 3 Sep 1931
Mr and Mrs Bert McKee of Cheyenne were dinner and over night guests Sunday at the J. P. Romans home. On Monday Mrs. Romans accompanied them to Denver for the day and they returned to Cheyenne in the evening.
[Bert is James H. McKee, son of Delia and Thomas McKee. He is Grace's first cousin]

Greeley Tribune 2 Mar 1920
Weld Town and Ranch Events
Wednesday Afternoon Club Meets
"...The club also accepted the resignation of Mrs. James Romans as vice president as Mrs. Romans is leaving for her new home near Colorado Springs."

Greeley Tribune 4 Dec 1930
County Briefs
Valley View
"Mrs. James Romans of Eaton spent the day Friday with Mrs. C.E. Romans "

Greeley Tribune March 7 1933
Mrs. C. E. Romans and Mrs. James Carey drove to Ault Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. Jim Romans, who has been very ill but was better Wednesday. 
Grace Bailey
Greeley Tribune
"On Monday of last week Mr. James M. Bailey, of Evans, was stricken with paralysis, and remained unconcious most of the time until Friday night when he died. Mr Bailey was an old-timer, and came to Colorado in 1861, from Missouri. For several years he freighted across the plains, but has lived in Evans for more than twenty years, and was highly esteemed. The funeral was conducted by the Masonic fraternity, he having been a charter member of Occidental Lodge No. 20, of Greeley, and was followed to the grave by a large number of the brethren. The services were held at the church in Evans, on Sunday at 10:30a.m., the Rev. A.H. Lucas officiating. The church was crowded, many persons being unable to gain admission. The impressive service from the Masonic ritual was read at the grave. Mr. Bailey leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss. He was fifty-eight years old." 
James M. Bailey
*Bailey, Jas M. 48, farmer, b KY, fb SC, mb KY
...Ella, 33, wife, keeps house, b IL, fb KY, mb PA
...Birdie A., 9, daughter, attends school, b CO
...Emma O, 7, daughter, attends school
Soper, Wm S, 40, servant, works on farm, b England, fb England, mb England
Clear, Anson L, 30, works on farm, b VA
Fragins, Marion, 22, sheep herder, b Ireland, fb Ireland, mb Ireland 
James M. Bailey
Bailey, James, 38, b MO, stock raiser
...Mattie, 24(26), b MO
[fits place and time, Mary Ellen's name and pob not accurate] 
James M. Bailey

1860 MO, Johnson Co, Jefferson Twp, p 307
L. G and Martha R.. Pettis hh 1989/2135 (p 306)
(James' residence in Johnson County would link to his marriage to Mary Ellen in 1868; perhaps Martha is a sister or other close relative and introduced him to Mary Ellen.)
James Bailey, 28, farmhand, b MO

James' early years and ancestors need work....mention in WCON that he is the brother of Daniel B. Bailey who owned most of the land at Latham and was a county commissioner.

Daniel is on the 1865 tax assessment list w/James as "Bailey Brothers" 
James M. Bailey
47 Greeley Tribune, 27 Nov 1902 Pioneer Days in Evans
"In those early days there was but one county official in Weld. James Bailey was sheriff by territorial appointment and lived in a dugout on his ranch near Latham two miles east of Evans." 
James M. Bailey
48 Linn Grove Cemetery
James M. Bailey
49 US IRS Tax Assessment Lists 1862-1918
Name: Jas M Bailey
State: Colorado
Tax Year: 1865
Roll Title: Arapahoe through Weld Counties; 1865-1866 NARA Series: M757 NARA Roll: 3
Bailey Bros, Danl and Jas M. location Cache la Poudre, freight
valuation: 2025
rate of tax 2 1/2
James M. Bailey
Bayley, Thomas H,head, owns, lives on farm, m, w, 49, married at age 20, b TX, fb TX, mb TX, farmer, general farm, # 44
...Ida M., wife, f, w, 36, married at 24, b TX, fb TX, mb TX,
Daggett, Jennie, aunt, f, w, 60, widow, married at 25, b TX, fb US, mb US, 
Thomas Herman Bailey

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